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User Uploaded Image
Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Elite - Crisis Team2124
Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker
Elite - Crisis Team2106
TL Missile Pods, Targeting Arrays
Hvy Sprt - Broadside180
Adv. Stab. Sys
Hvy Sprt - Railhead1175
Hammerhead with Railgun, SMS, Multi-Tracker, Decoy Launcher
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If you play Warhammer 40K, then by no doubt you know that the 5th edition of Games Workshop flagship game is just around the corner. The various GW Hobby Stores are getting preview copies of the 5th edition rules quite shortly and my local one will have them out the weekend of June 7th-8th 2008. I am not sure what type of games we will be playing that weekend, but I retooled a 1000 point division of my Tau Forest Tigers for the event. check back here for details then, or follow me over at Twitter I'll be pushing out updates as I get them.

Preview Weekend is over and I have updated the information below.

Tau Specific Rule Changes(Rumors) - source here

[Confirmed] - Defensive weapons are S4 as feared. Our SMS systems and Drones are S5 weapons. They now count as Main Weapons.

[Confirmed] - Major change is “Run” - Running units cannot assault or shoot unless they have Fleet. This will make Tau lives a bit more difficult.

Dedicated Transports can carry anything in the army it has room for, but only the unit it was purchased for may start in it - Here is something good for everyone.

[Confirmed] - Skimmers only get destroyed by immobilized now if they move more than 12" - This is nice since my Skimmers rarely move over 12"

[Confirmed] - Rules supposedly have changed for wound allocation. I wonder how this addresses my Tau Drone Issues. The Super Power Units die quicker and Gun Drones can take hits before suits...I Think...Yeah!!!

[Confirmed] - Outflank - Infiltrate Units can now perform an outflank move which allows them to enter from the side of the board. This can cause stationary shooty armies to become boxed in.

Here is an article on how the Hammerhead's cluster shot will work in 5th edition.

5th Edition Battle Report – Against 40K Death Wing Terminator Army

This battle was a 1500 point battle and I deployed the above the army with a few extra forces. The Scenario which was chosen was the new Dawn of War Scenario with five objective points. In this scenario, only a HQ and two troops can start on the board. Since all of my opponents troops were deep striking in, he had nothing to start on the board.

In his first first turn, two terminator squads deep striked close to my lines while the remainder of his army moved on the board. The Terminators open fired on my fire warrior squads, but inflicted little damage. In response, my army entered the battle and destroyed several terminators.

On turn 2, his bikes got in close and were able to guide the last terminator squad down on target. More weapon fire was exchanged with several fire warriors and terminators being destroyed. My commander's Cyclic Ion Blaster accounting for two kills alone. A Dreadnought managed to line up a Laz-Cannon shot on my Hammerhead and destroyed it.

During turn 3, some close combat ensued as one of his bike teams entered combat with a Crisis Team. While the Crisis Suits would eventually be destoyed, the most definitive melee was about to begin. My Shas'O used his cyclic Ion Blaster to bring down another pair of terminators and due to other weapon fire, the Captain of the 1st company of the Raven Wing found himself all alone on the battlefield. Enraged, he charged my Shas'O in one on one combat. The epic showdown of battlefield commander's had begun. Only one would emerge alive. The Captain took a swing with his master crafted force weapon, but the shield generator held! Using the weight of his battlesuit, the Shas'o slammed the captain to the ground and moved in for the kill.

As the battle progressed, many Fire Warriors died in the cross fire. More terminators and bikes fell. The opposing dreadnought and whirlwind took several hits but shook most of them off. On the ground, the Captain took another swing, but only inflicted glancing hits and no real damage was done. My Shas'O leaped on his jets and crashed onto the chest of the Captain. Sounds of shattering metal and bone ripped through the air. Screaming in pain, the Captain shouted for the Emperor to save him. Those screams would not be heard.

The remaining Tau forces formed a defensive line to protect the one remaining fire warrior squad and suppressed heavy fire on the attacking bike squad. The Space Marines charged head long into the torrents of fire and gave their lives for their Emperor. Despite their valiant efforts, they failed and the Fire Warriors Survived. Missiles from a far off whirl-wind tore up dirt, debris, and bodies. The few Fire warriors took shelter in a crater, only peeking their heads out to see the end of epic duel which consumed the middle of the battlefield. My Shas'O smashed his foot into the throat of the Captain. The human managed to get one last swing off, but failed to inflict any damage. With his screams reduced to groans, the last thing the Human Captain ever saw the blinding blue flash from the enemy's Cyclic Ion Blaster.

With the death of the Captain, the Humans began a retreat. Unfortunately for us, we did not have the forces to hold the ground from an enemy counter-attack. As it is the way of the Tau, we retreated and prepared to fight another day.

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