In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war - This is the Apocalypse
Warhammer 40K

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So for my final thoughts....
I want to try an Apocalypse battle again. I enjoy playing large scale battles in other games, so I am sure I would enjoy them in 40K.

Unfortunately this game wasn't so exciting. Apocalypse does not change much about the flow of 40K games, but after this event I think it is important to follow the changes(especially the deployment rules). Had we followed the actual deployment rules for Apocalypse I think things would have been completely different as many of the "Blue" Units had 48" ranges and these units never got in range during this battle. Any infantry that did not deep strike or flank march was completely useless.

Also, there is a limit to how many active players there should be in a game. We had up to six players acting at once. There was just too much to keep track of. Several times multiple players would engage a single unit totally unaware that all were firing at the same thing.

This battle really exposed 40K's fatal flaw - That there are too many rule books. It is not possible to know all the abilities of units. Often times I was handed piles of dead units not knowing if the proper defensive equipment was used(Stealth Field Generators/Decoy Launchers/etc). A few times I was asked to roll saves for other player's pieces and I simply refused on the ground that I did not know anything about the abilities of the pieces. While timed turns were supposed to keep the game moving, they only added to this mess.

I do not want to sound like I am complaining about losing the game. Having stuff blow up is always fun regardless of who's side it is on. But after four hours of having nothing happen but one side getting annihilated, it tends to get lame.

That is enough ranting for now. I really think an Apocalypse game can be really awesome but you really have follow the rules and guidelines set in the rule book for it to be one.

Six Broadsides packed most of the firepower in my Tau empire force. At first this tactic was described as "sick and disgusting". It would not take long for the definition of "sick and disgusting" to change....

Here are most of the starting forces for the "red" team. It does not seem too bad to deal with. That big laser battery in the bottom of picture was the main objective. It began in our hands - the "Blue" team. [No the laser is not Eldar]

In the first turn, both sides suffer damage to their heavily armored front lines. Terminators deep striked in to drop that Vortex Grenade.(Most of which got sucked into the Warp...) That poor Dreadnought is about to play catch with a few seeker missiles...

For some reason we did not use deployment zones according to Apocalypse rules, so things got really messy with reinforcements. Also, due to the long table, most units never got in firing range.

Unfortunately for the "Blue" team, this guy had no trouble getting in range. The turkey shoot was about to begin.

Too bad one Titan was not enough. The "Red" Team had five of these things and we had none on the blue team. I'll comment more on this in my summary...

From this point on the game pretty much became the Titans picking off our forces.

Also, with deployment zones so crowded, the two apocalyptic explosions we suffered didn't help either......

We did our best to hold the laser, but the "Red" team had too much firepower and by the last turn of the game they had overrun the position.

There was a second objective, which held out much better because the "Red" team could not bring their heavy firepower on it. We held out until the last turn when enemy air strikes eliminated all the units in the area,



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