500 Point Pure Faction Marro Army

User Uploaded Image

User Uploaded Image

From left to right: Marro Stingers, Marro Warriors, Me-Burq-Sa, Marrden Nagrubs, Su-Bak-Na, Ne-Gok-Sa,Marro Drudge

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Marrden Nagrubs330
Hivelord Bonding
Marro Drudge350
Swamp Water Abilities
Marro Stingers360
Marro Warriors450
Water Clone
Paralyzing Stare
Unique Hero
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Naturally, I have an interest in teaching new players how to play miniature games. Heroscape, due to its simple mechanics, is a great introductory game, so I am often putting together armies for new players. While I could put together some super powerful army for new players to play with, chances our they will not know how to use an army like that to its full extent. Therefore, it is often better to attract new players with a “cool” army. Two things that contribute to cool armies in my opinion are

1)Army Unity/Faction Purity
2)Awesome Looking Figures

In my collection, the Marro have the largest numbers, so it is quite easy to build a pure faction Marro
army and the giant dragon leader certainly fulfills requirement number 2.



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