Control Dominate Destroy

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User Uploaded Image

Kyle and I have joked about this game on several episodes of the Tabletop Battlefield. I made this one back when I was in 8th grade and a couple of my friends would play it. It was a CCG based off the Command and Conquer Series. There was over 100 different cards to the set and I made close to 1000 cards in total. Every one of them was copied in a copying machine, then colored in by hand, and had a piece of colored paper glued to the back.

As for game play, it had a location based system much like the Star Wars CCG. Each player built a base, deployed units, and went to town on each other. Every unit and building had a defense value. Each offensive building and unit had an attack value. To resolve an attack, the top card was drawn off the players deck and the defense value of that card was added to the attack value of attacker. If this total value was greater then the defense value of the target, a hit was scored.

The Image below will print out to full size if you want to take a closer look at some of the cards.



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