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I created this army for the local tournament scene. Unfortunately due to a Winter Storm Warning, the tournament was canceled. Instead, Ryan and I played a standard 750 point battle.

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1st Practice Battle
Feb 21 2009 [Link]

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I challenged Ryan to 750 point Tournament Style Battle:

The ruins of an ancient castle stood off to the north. Raelin pondered what secrets would lie inside this ancient structure. Syvarris's Armoc Vipers had just checked back in. Utgar forces had been detected to the west across a lava field. Orders went out to form a defensive line as Utgar forces charged them.

Brunax, unafraid of the lava raced towards our line. Syvarris took point on a hill and begin launching magical arrows at the Centaur. Nilfiem joined in attacking the opposing beast and Brunax fell to the combined attacks. Several Utgar Minions struck deep into our lines. One flew above Syvarris and stuck a might blow on him. The elf hero collapsed. He was out for the fight. Nilfhiem took to the skies and grabbed the minion. His mighty jaws clamped down on body of the demon. Not determined to give up, the demon drove his axe into the neck of the dragon. With his claws, Nilfheim tore the creature in half. The second Minion soon drew the dragon's attention. Shards of Ice flew from Nilfhiem's mouth and pierced the armor of the other minion. Its lifeless body collapsed to the fiery ground below. The first blood of the battle had been drawn.

With her forces in a defensive position, Raelin waited to see what Utgar's reaction would be. Without her powerful archer, things were going to get tough in a hurry. A slightly more aggressive strategy would be needed. Utgar broke his forces in two. Zombies flanked around south while Orcs secured the northern ruins. Templar knights climbed to the top of a hill and charged into an Orc mounted on the back of a dinosaur. Lances plunged into the hide of the ancient creature. Blood flowed from its wounds. In a howl of pain it threw its rider from its back and fled the battle. In the creature's retreat, one knight was thrown from his horse and was trampled by the gigantic beast. A large troll named Krug took two massive swings and dismounted the remaining knights from their horses. Raelin knew the attack was costly, but it had bought her forces precious time.

Zombies crossed the lava fields to begin their attack. The Armoc Vipers met the enemies head on. Hoping to take advantage of the confusion, the remaining Utgar Minion attacked a charging Viper. Undeterred, the viper spun around and dug his claws into the demon's neck. Blood poured over the creatures. Spinning back around the Viper found himself buried under a pile of zombies. In a blood rage, the zombies literally tore the viper apart.

Raelin had to make a decision. Orcs and a troll were to the North, Zomies were to the east. She had to order an attack on one of the groups. “East!” she screamed. A line of knights smashed into the horde of Zombies. Nilfheim's breath weapon claimed a few more undead. With several more troops down, Utgar ordered his forces back. Today would belong to Jandar.

Raelin returned to aid of the fallen Elf Archer and then turned her attention to the ruins to the North.......

Result: 6 to 3 in my favor.

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750 Point Army

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Armoc Vipers365
Ullar Viper Common Squad
Jandar Viking Champion
Knights of Weston470
Human Common Squad
Jandar King of the Ice Dragon!
Jandar Kyrie Warrior
Sir Denrick1100
Jandar Human Hero
Ullar Elf Archer
Templar Calvary3120
Jandar Human Knight
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This army was created for 750 point 1 Hour games.

Unit Notes:

Armoc Vipers - Designed to be fast blockers. These units need to keep other figures from reaching my two range units[Syvarris, Nilfheim]

Eldgrim - Points Fill. Really didn't do anything useful.

Knights of Weston - Much more powerful line holders and front line infantry. These guys can bond with either Sir Denrick or Eldgrim.

Nilfeim - My favorite character from the game. He is a powerful dragon and can take a lot of punishment when protected by Raelin. His breath weapon to hold off approaching Infantry.

Raelin - She is the cornerstone of my army. Her defense aura literally keeps troops alive. Make sure she is in the middle of large formations.

Sir Denrick - Lead of the Knights of Weston. He usually sticks with them and handles the tougher challenges that the knights will face. As long as the knights are around, you never need to put an order token on Sir Denrick because he bonds with the knights.

Syvarris - An excellent sniper, but do not expect him to perform in any other role. He needs to stay by Raelin in order to survive.

Templar Calvary - Works great when the knights can concentrate on small numbers of enemies. Do not let them become bogged down in close in fighting. That is a waste of their points.

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