Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!

User Uploaded Image
User Uploaded Image
Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Dreadnaught Sem'j1115
Multi melta Heavy flamer
Dreadnaught Senji1145
Twin linked Las cannon Rocket launcher
Dreadnaught Toren1115
Heavy flamer Twin linked heavy flamer
Forgefather Vulkan He'Stan1190
Wargear: Artificer armour Frag and krack grenades Bolt pistol Kesare's Mantle The spear of Vulkan Digital weapons The Gauntlet of the Forge Special rules: And they shall know no fear Combat tactics Independent Character Chapter tactics
Land raider Noctus1240
land raider redeemer
Land speeder tornado160
Heavy flamer heavy flamer
Squad Dan10200
Sgt Lutenant Dan- Combi melta Plama pistol troops- melta gun Multi melta
Squad Vlad10190
Sgt Vlad Chain sword Plasma pistol troops melta gun multi melta
Squad Zypher10205
Sgt Zypher- Power fist Combi flamer troops- flamer multi melta Razor back
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