First Look at Space Hulk by Games Workshop

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In celebration of the game's 20th anniversary, Games Workshop has produced a new limited edition version of Space Hulk. I just got home from the GW store and I have these pictures to share with everyone.

Space Hulk comes in a big box. It certainly has more volume then the Battle for Skull Pass set and it just barely fits into one of the large Games Workshop plastic bags. Even better is the fact that almost the entire volume of the box is filled with game components. While we are talking about size, Space Hulk is also quite heavy. Shortly after announcing the new game, Games Workshop posted article in which they stated the box weighs in at just over 8lbs. This weight can certainly be felt carrying it out of the store in a flimsy plastic bag.

Inside, the game contains 35 main figures, plus a few other figures to represent objectives and support units. 22 of the figures are Genestealers, one is a Broodlord and the other 12 are Space Marine Terminators. The quality of the figures is simply awesome. This is not only true in terms of sculpting quality, but also in character feel. Genestealers are standing on top of piles of skulls and climbing down bulk heads. The Terminators all have different poses and weapons and even one is carrying the dismembered skull and backbone of a Genestealer.

Just below the figures are the 12 sheets of heavy duty counters. The counters are used for everything from the rooms and hallways to score keeping tokens. Art work is nice and thematic. Several rooms and hallways have blood stains on the floor while others feature warning lights, fuel spills, and Tyranid spires.

A 23 page full color rule book and a 47 page nearly full color mission book will guide players through the action. I haven't sat down and read through them yet, but they look to have nice layouts. The rules look pretty simple and seem to have lots of pictures to assist in the explanation.

Now the trick is finding people to play with. GW decided to release this game on Labor Day weekend, so most of my usual crew of hosts are out of town. At least the GW stores are all running events tomorrow.....

Watch the Video UnBoxing

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