Tau Forest Tigers - Heavy Support Team

User Uploaded Image
User Uploaded Image
Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Death Rain Crisis Suits3184
Shasui x 3, Team Leader, bonded, TL Missile Pod x 3, Targeting Array x3, Team Leader has HW Target Lock and HW Drone Controller, Gun Drone x1
Hammerhead - Ion Head1140
Ion Cannon, Smart Missile system, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pods
Hammerhead - Railhead1175
Railgun, Smart Missile system, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pods
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With 5th Edition 40K, I broke the Forest Tigers up into a core 1000 point squad and a number of 500 point teams which can be attached to the primary core squad. This team is designed to bring lots of heavy firepower to the Forest Tigers. In order to use this team, the two Broadsides in the core squad must be merged as the two Hammerheads here fill out the remaining Heavy Support choices.

The Railhead will engage and destroy enemy vehicles while the Ion head and Death Rains will take on the more lightly armored units.

The Core Squad of the Forest Tigers



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