Citadel Wash Review

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Introducing the Washes

Last week Games Workshop expanded its line of Citadel Paints by adding a complete line of washes. Washes, if you are not familiar with them, are very thin paints designed to collect in the recesses of figures. This causes the recessed and depressed regions of the figure to become darker and stand out from the lighter surfaces.

This line of washes contains eight different colors. Each pod contains 12ml and retails for $3 US. All eight of the washes are available in one package for around $21 US. While the amount of paint in these bottles is the same as previous lines, larger amounts of washes are used when compared to other paint types.

Performance of the Washes

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After my Shas'O defeated the Captain of the Raven Wings in one on one hand to hand combat, I decided to give him and two other Crisis Suits a new paint job. The pictures above show the steps I took to apply the Gryphonne Sepia wash.

The first image shows the Crisis Suits without any wash applied. At this point, I have two layers of paint on the figure and the edges have been highlighted.

In the second image, I have just finished applying a layer of wash to the figure on the right. The figure on the left has been left alone as a control. To apply the wash, just dip your brush into the pod and cover the desired areas of the model with the wash. There is no need to mix the washes with anything or even to dry the brush. I should mention that the wash will dry lighter then it appears at this point.

In the third image, the wash applied to the figure on the right has dried. I was told to by the GW staff to leave the figure alone for about 30 minutes after applying the wash.

The effect on the figure depends on how much wash was applied. The changes can be subtle or dramatic. Obviously, the figure will appear darker, but also the wash will give the figure a battle-worn look. At least in this case, the wash had a greater effect on the darker areas of the figure, making the highlights on the edges of the figure more distinct.

To wrap up, I have really liked what I have seen to this point. These washes eliminate the flat look of paint and causes the joints between the armor plating to stand out. At the very least, give these washes a try because they are a simple way to improve the look of your paint jobs.

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