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Copyright Information for the Army Showcase:

The Army Showcase and Tabletop Battlefield are not affiliated with any game company.

The various names, histories, logos, and images are covered by copyright, either by a game company or individual. [See Details for each game below]. All use of this copyrighted material is considered to fall within United States Fair Use Doctrine.

The copyright for member submitted content is held by the member submitting the content.

We respect United State's intellectual property laws. If any page is infringing on your copyright, please contact us using the e-mail on the home page or through our Contact Form and the issue will be addressed in a timely manner.

Games Workshop (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Lord of the Rings)

Wizards of the Coast (Star Wars Minis, Heroscape, Axis and Allies)

Rackham (Confrontation, AT-43)

Privateer Press (Warmachine, Monsterpocalypse)

Wizkids (Mechwarrior, Heroclix, Horror Clix, Star Wars Pocket Model, Pirates, Mage Knight)

War Games Research Group (DBA)

Mongoose Publishing (Babylon 5)

Fantasy Flight Games (Starcraft The Board Game)

Catalyst Game Labs (Battletech)



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