Critical Hit/Fire Tokens for Babylon 5, WARMACHINE, and Warhammer 40K

The Tokens in Action

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The Earth Alliance Ship Draco, a Nova Class Dreadnought, has suffered critical damage from a raider ambush. --- A Cygnar Ironclad suffers the side effects from smashing some Menoth warriors.

Items Needed To Build the Crtical Tokens

* Cotton Balls
* White Glue
* Black Spray Paint
* Cardboard
* Red/Orange Paint
* Blue Poster Sticky Stuff

Step 1 - Stretch the Cotton Balls

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Carefully stretch out small pieces of the cotton balls. Make the tops of the plumes thinner then the bases of them. Using small amounts of white glue, affix the plumes to pieces of cardboard. I recommend using old food package.

Step 2 - Paint the Plumes

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Once the white glue has dried, take the cotton plumes outside and spray a moderate amount of black spray paint on them. This should give the plumes a mixed gray/black color.

Step 3 - Add the Fire!

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Separate the smoke plumes from each other using a hobby knife. I found that the plumes may dry together. If this is the case, then carefully cut them apart.

Apply several layers of orange and red paint to the bases of the plumes. I find that a slightly heavy dry brush technique works best. If too much paint is applied then the plumes tend to collapse down.

Step 4 - Add the Sticky Stuff

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Attach small pieces of blue poster tacky stuff to the bottom of the tokens. This will allow you to attach the tokens to your models.

That is all there is to this project, so get out there and find some cool ways to use things.

Try them out on Tau Battlesuits from 40K to track wounds or maybe use them to enhance the atmosphere of Monsterpocalypse.

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