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Cygnar BattleForce - FireWalkers

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Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Adept Nemo175
Heavy Barrel w/ Shock Hammer
Chain Gun w/ Strafe
Sword Knights676
Leader + 5 Troops
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This is my first complete Cygnar Battleforce. I have not competed with it, but I'm planning to enter it into a tournament at some point.

I chose Nemo because of his devastating feat. In demo games I played it often ruined the opponents attack. Also with plenty of disruption on his weapons, Opposing Warjacks in melee will suffer a serious reduction in effectiveness. And the overcharge ability is just cool, especially when combined with the Sentinel.

Sword Knights a decent troop selection and will focus on eliminating enemy infantry.

The Sentinel will back up the Sword Knights and provide them with some covering fire.

The Defender is the main attacker in the force(Ironic name if you think about it). Its combines massive firepower with a brutal hammer to solve all of its problems.



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