Tau Forest Tigers - 400 Point Patrol

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Stealth Team390
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As Seen on Episode 003 of The Tabletop Battlefield

This detachment of the Forest Tigers was created as a demo army for new Tau Players. All the figures in this army are included in the Battalion Box set, which at the time of this is $90.

The Base Squad was intended to provide fire support. They will stay put and engage the closest target. The Assault squad, can have greater mobility due to its pulse carbines. The Devilfish is not attached to either squad so it can move one to safety if needed. Therefore, it should stick close to one of the squads.

The Stealth Team and the Crisis Suit execute a fire and fall back strategy using their jump packs.

In terms of Deployment, keep each squad at least 6 inches apart to prevent enemy consolidation moves into other friendly units. Also, Concentrate fire power when possible, so keep the units apart, but with overlapping fields of fire.

Fore more info on this army check out Episode 003 of The Tabletop Battlefield, the official podcast of The Online Army Showcase



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