Creating an Account on the Army Showcase

Accounts on the Army Showcase are free to create and can be completed in only a few simple steps. This tutorial lists the steps needed to create an account. To simply view information, an account is not required. All information on the Army Showcase is publicly available. Accounts are only required to post pages or comments.

Following the Get Started Link

Getting Started

Every page has a "Get Started" Link at the top. Clicking this link will display the page shown to the left. This page just describes some basic information about what an account on the Army Showcase provides. To create, an account click on the link for "a new account", or click here to create an account.

Filling out the new account form

New Account Form

The image displayed to the left shows the form which must be filled out in order to create an account. A username, name, age, and e-mail address are required to create an account. The chosen username cannot exist on the Army Showcase. The entered e-mail address is only used in the event that the account password needs to be reset. Aside from personal information, enter a password for the account and complete the CAPTCHA information. Press the create account button to create the account. If an error occurs with the account creation, an error message will be displayed. Otherwise, the welcome page will be displayed.

Welcome to the Army Showcase


If the account creation succeeds, a welcome page should be displayed[assuming javascript is enabled]. The welcome page should look something like the image on the left. It will contain several helpful links with what to do next. For help on what to do next, either
1)Check Out the Video Tutorials
2)Check Out the Page Builder Documentation

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