How to Post an Army List on the Army Showcase

When logged into the Army Showcase, the top of every page will have a button to "Create a Page". Click this link to continue.

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Select a Template


The first page of the Page Builder is a list of templates from which to choose. Each template has a Select Template button in its upper right corner. Select a template to continue on.

Enter Page Attributes

Page Attributes

The second step of the page creation process is enter attributes about the page. Every page must be given a name which describes the army list presented on the page. A page link is used to create an easy link to the army list. The page will be able to be accessed by directing a web browser at

Once a name and link have been assigned, the colors of the page need to be chosen. Every page has four different color options: page background, component background, component border, and foreground[text] color. These colors are selected by choosing colors from the four drop down boxes. As these colors are changed, the sample color diagram will change with them. Once these attributes have been set, click the "Save and Proceed" button to continue. It will be possible to change these values later.

Navigation Within the Page Builder

Nav Menu

Army List Pages are built in a series of steps. Each component(image, textbox, comment list, etc) is a step in the construction process. The available options for each component type can be found below. Regardless of the component type being edited, the "Save and Proceed" button must be pressed in order for any changes to be saved. The left hand navigation menu[Pictured to the Left] can be used to directly edit a page component. However, if the left hand navigation menu is used, any changes to the current component WILL NOT BE SAVED. Therefore, the Save and Proceed button must be pressed after any changes are made to a component.

Finishing and Generating the Page

Generate Page

The last step of the Army List Page Construction process is to actually generate the page and make it publicly available. Only perform this step once all components have been completed. Once a page has been generated, it can only be edited using the advanced page editor. To generate the page, just make sure the Make Public checkbox is checked and hit generate page.

If any errors are encountered, the errors will be displayed with information about how each one can be resolved. If no errors are encountered, then a link to the finished page will be displayed. If the Make Public options was checked, the page is now available to be viewed by the general public. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the page to be indexed. Until a page is indexed, it cannot be found by searching.

Details on Building Each of the Page Components

There are several types of components which make up the pages on the Army Showcase. The instructions on how to use each of them can be found below. These components are: Army List, Aspect Image, Comment List, Headline, Icon, Journal, Photo Gallery, and TextBox.

The Army List Component

Army List

The Army List functions just as its name implies. It contains information about the units in the army. Up to 10 different types of units can be entered at this time, but an unlimited number of units can be entered using the advanced page editor. Each type of unit is given a name, the number appearing in the army, the point value of the group of units, and a short description of the units. The point value of the group does not have to be a number, but if all the units are assigned a numeric point value, then the total cost of the army will be calculated. Any blank entries will be ignored when the page is constructed. Once all the unit information has been filled in, click the "Save and Proceed" Button at the bottom of the list.

The Aspect Image Component

The Aspect Image Component is used to display an image about the Army List. The Aspect Ratio of the uploaded image will be preserved when the image is displayed. Aspect Ratio is the term used to refer to the ratio between the height and the width of the image. Click the browse button to select an image then hit Save and Proceed to Save the image. Essentailly, the Aspect Image Component will scale the image without distorting it. An Image cannot be larger then 450KB and cannot be larger then 750px by 750px. The Army Showcase's built in Photo Crop Tool can be used to produce an image of the correct size.

The Comment List Component

The Comment List component is the simplest component to use. In fact there is nothing to do at all. Just click "Save and Proceed" to continue.

The Headline Component

The Headline Component displays a short sentence in a large font. This component is commonly found at the top of a page. There are two input boxes. The top box is the text to display and the bottom drop down box is the font to use. Click Save and Proceed to Save the changes.

The Icon Component

The Icon Component is a small square picture which represents the page throughout the Army Showcase. The top drop down box is used to select the game that the page is about. The bottom box is an image upload box for the icon. Icons are displayed and 75px by 75px and the size of them is limited to 150KB. Click Save and Proceed to Save the changes. The Photo Crop Tool can be used to produce an image of the correct size.

The Journal Component

The Journal component can be thought of as a simple blog. When creating a page, an initial post can be added to the journal. A journal post has a title, body, and an optional image. The image will be scaled down to a small image and the size limit is 450KB. Additional journal posts can be added through the advanced page editor. Click Save and Proceed to save the post.

The Photo Gallery Tool

The Photo Gallery allows for several images to be displayed in a single component and visitors to the page can scroll through the images. Up to five images can be uploaded at this time. Additional images can be uploaded using the advanced page editor. If any of the image upload boxes are left blank, then they will be ignored. Click Save and Proceed to continue.

The Textbox Component

The TextBox component is used to display large amounts of text on the page. Enter the text into the textbox and select a font from the drop down box. Consult the component description for a guide on how much text should be entered. Click Save and Proceed to continue.

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