The Photo Crop Tool

Using the Photo Crop Tool

The Photo Crop Tool can be accessed from within several components. A number of the editing dialog boxes have links to it. Click on one of these links to access the photo crop tool. The following screen will be displayed:

The one difference is that the size of the green box will depend on the component being edited. Start by clicking the browse button to select an image. Once an image has been chosen, click the upload new image button to continue. The maximum size of an image uploaded here is 500KB and the size of the image is limited to 750px by 750px.

Once an image has been uploaded, it is time to select a region to crop. The green box will be the region which will be cropped. It can be moved by clicking and dragging the box around the image. Also, the size of the green box can be changed by using the "Scale Box Up" and "Scale Box Down" buttons. Once the green box is in the desired position, press the "Crop Photo" button. Once the processing has been completed, the page will be refreshed and a message will indicate the cropping was successful. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the cropped image.

To save the cropped image, right click on the image or the link to save the cropped image. Do not directly link to images which were made with the Photo Crop Tool. These images are deleted off the server within 48 hours. Close out the window or tab which contained the Photo Crop Tool to return to the dialog box which opened the tool. The cropped image can now be uploaded as normal.

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