What is the Army Showcase?

The Army Showcase is an organization with the goal to make it easy for players of miniature war games to share their armies and tactics with other players. The Primus engine, which powers the Army Showcase provides a set of unique tools for publishing information about miniature war game armies. Once armies have been published, features built into the Army Showcase can generate army tags which are used to share armies with many popular miniature war game communities.

Why are there no forums or chat rooms as part of the Army Showcase?

The goal of the Army Showcase is not to replace existing miniature war game communities. Our goal is to provide additional functionality to members of the existing miniature war game communities. Members of war game communities can use the Army Showcase to host information about their armies and use the built in tools to share posted army information with existing miniature war game communities.

How much does it cost to use the Army Showcase?

The Army Showcase costs nothing to get started. A basic account is free and will always be free. Premium accounts may exist in the future to provide our members with extra functionality, but everything that is free now will be free forever.

What do I need to use the Army Showcase?

All one needs to use the Army Showcase is a supported web browser. The following web browsers are currently supported:
Internet Explorer 7
Firefox 2
Firefox 3
Safari 3
Chrome by Google
WebOS[Palm Pre] Browser(Browse Support Only)

Currently, the following browsers will be supported in the near future:
Internet Explorer 8
Safari 4
iPhone 3.0 Browser
Firefox 3.5
Android Browser

In case anyone was wondering, The Army Showcase can be viewed using the iPhone's Safari Browser

How do I get started using the Army Showcase?

Head on over to the getting started page to learn more about the Army Showcase and how to create a free account.

Where can I find more information on how to use the Army Showcase?

This site is the complete collection of help documents on using the Army Showcase.
The Frequently Asked Questions is the current page being viewed.
The Video Tutorial page contains several short videos on how to post armies on the Army Showcase.
The Page Builder has a short tutorial on building pages.
The Editing Components page contains details about all the different tools which can be added to Army Showcase pages.
The Advanced Editor Tutorial has information on using the advanced page editor.

What is the abbreviation OAS?

The Army Showcase used to be called the Online Army Showcase, so on occasion, the abbreviation OAS is still used to refer to the Army Showcase.

Why are names and images blurred out in the help documents?

Since the help documentation is designed to help members use the Army Showcase and not promote any game in particular, all trademarked names and representations of figures were blurred out.

How to file a complaint against member submitted content on the Army Showcase

If a complaint needs to be filed against any member submitted content on the Army Showcase, contact Jason Rutherford at . Please indicate which page contains the infringing content and also identify the infringing content.

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