Setting Up and Using the Army Showcase Facebook Application

To setup up the Army Showcase's Miniature Display Case application, head over to and login to Facebook in order to add the application to your profile.

Setting Up the Application

Once the application has been added to your profile, click on the application in the left hand menu of Facebook and the screen shown above will be displayed. Click the link "Setup Application" to begin the process.

Logging Into the Application.

To log into the application, you need your Army Showcase User Name and an Application Key. The Application Key is a 32 character hex number(No its not a hash of your password if you were thinking that....) and can be found on your account settings page in the Army Showcase. The location of the App Key is shown below.

Adding Pages to the Display Case

Once logged into the application, a page similar to the image above will be display. This page lists all of pages currently being displayed in your Facebook Application. The drop down box contains all of your public pages on the Army Showcase. To add a page, select the page from the drop down box and click "Add Page".

Viewing the Sample Output

As pages are added to the Facebook Application, the Sample Output will display the new pages. To remove a page, click the "Remove Army" button below the army's name.

The Final Product

The image above shows an example of what the Army Showcase Application looks like in your profile.

Developed with technology based on: The Merc Engine 1a by