Using the Custom Forum Signature Generator

One of the goals of the Army Showcase is to allow its members to easily share the army profiles which they create. Any page on the Army Showcase can have a custom banner created for it. The only requirement is that the page has at least one image on it.

Creating the Signature

Generate Signature Button

On the Account Settings Page, Each entry has a link for Generate Forum Signature. Click this link to begin the process of creating the signature.

Selecting an Image

Select Image

The first step in the signature creation process is to select the Image to use. A list of all the images from the page will be displayed here. Click on the image to use that image.

Confirm Image Selection

Confirm Selection

After selecting an image, confirm the selection on the next page.

Use the Photo Crop Tool

Photo Crop Tool

At this point, the Photo Crop Tool is used to select the area of the image to become the banner. Select the region to use as the banner and click the Build Banner Button.

Confirm the Crop

Confirm the Crop

On this step of the process, the crop performed in the previous step needs to be confirmed. Click Yes to proceed, No to start the process over again.

Customize the Banner

Customiz Banner

The last step in creating the banner is to customize the banner graphic by adding text. Type some text(up to 26 Characters) in the box and select the color of the text. Click Add Text to Banner to proceed.

Confirm the Text

Confirm Text

Confirm that the text looks good and click Generate to build the banner. If the text did not come out alright, click the Change Text Link to go back.

Accessing the phpBB code

Access Code

After clicking the Generate Button, a text box will be displayed which contains the new phpBB code of the signature. The phpBB code can also be accessed by returning to your account settings page. Under the entry for the page will now be a [forum sig] button. Click this button to show the phpBB code for that page's generated banner. To generate a new banner for the page, click the Generate Forum link and repeat the above process. Please note that any given page can only have one banner at a time, so creating a new banner will overwrite the old one, but the phpBB code should not change.

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