Army Showcase Video Tutorials

Welcome everyone to the video tutorial section of the Army Showcase. If you are like me, then you probably do not like reading pages and pages of documentation. My goal of the Army Showcase was to design everything to be "intutive" and "easy to use", but I can tell you that achieving those goals are pretty difficult. Therefore, that is why I made these short videos to help everyone out. There are three main tutorial videos.
In about five minutes, I want to show you how to post a simple army list to the Army Showcase. In the next five minute video I will show you how to customize your page and add additional components to it. And in the last five minute tutorial, I am going to show you how to make your page look really professional. That is all I want it to take - Just over 15 minutes to become a professional at using the Primus Engine that powers the Army Showcase. Since I said I do not like lots of text, lets stop the reading and start the watching.

Before getting started, you need to create a free Army Showcase Account

Tutorial 1 - Length: 05:29 - Create an Account, Create a Page, and Share Your Army

For this tutorial, you are going to need an army list, a picture of your army which is at most 750 pixels by 750 pixels and a short one sentance caption about the picture.

Tutorial 2 - Length: 06:05 - Customizing Your Army's Page

For tutorial 2, you will need a paragraph about your army list. It could be a history, tactics discussion, or maybe a cool battle report. You can type this paragraph into the editor provided by the Army Showcase, but it is often eaiser to have this typed up ahead of time in a text editor.

Tutorial 3 - Length: 04:13 - Using the Super Tool

In tutorial 3, I am going to introduce the Super Tool. It is the most advanced tool the Army Showcase has and it can really make your page look really awesome. For examples of this type of page check out the Tau Forest Tigers or my Cygnar Battle Force

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