Heroscape 400 Point Duel - Scenario Rules.

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    Pre-Match Setup

    Each player must bring 100 hexes of terrain, one seven hex piece, a force consisting of 375-400 points, and three combat dice. The 100 hexes of terrain will be referred to as the player's terrain pool. The three combat dice are called deployment dice. The seven hex tile is the player's start piece. Each player rolls a d20. The player which rolls the highest will begin deployment. Deployment then passes to the next player in a clockwise direction. Repeat this process until no player can deploy terrain.

    Deploying Terrain

    Players each take turns placing terrain. A player can place terrain on their turn as long as they have at least one deployment die left and have at least one terrain tile in their terrain pool. On their turn, a player must expand the battlefield in one of two ways:
    1)Place down a single terrain tile from their terrain pool which has at least 10 hexes.
    2)Place down any number of terrain pieces from their terrain pool such that the total number of hexes added to the battlefield cannot exceed 10.
    The first terrain piece to be placed down is just placed in the middle of the gaming table. All other terrain placement must conform to the following rules:
    1)The terrain tile must attach to a terrain tile which has already been placed down. It can either be attached adjacently or attached to the top of an existing piece.
    2)In order for the terrain tile placed on top of an existing tile. All the hexes covered by this terrain tile must be the same elevation. There is no creating overhangs. The exception to this rule is that terrain tiles designed to span gaps(Bridges, Castle Pieces, etc) do not need to follow this restriction.
    After a player finishes placing terrain on their turn, they roll their deployment dice. If any of the dice do not show a skull or shield, remove only one die from the player's deployment dice. If a player no longer has any deployment dice, then they cannot deploy any more terrain tiles from their terrain pool.

    Once no player is able to deploy any more terrain tiles from their terrain pool, the player's start pieces are placed down. The player who placed the first terrain piece attaches their start piece to one edge of the game board. The start piece must be attached to the edge of the board and cannot cover up any existing hexes. The remaining players place their start pieces down in clockwise order. The start pieces must be equally spaced around the game board. In the same order the players placed their start pieces, they place their forces on the board. All seven hexes of the player's start piece must be filled, before the player can start placing figures on the actual game board. With the exception of the first figure, all figures must be placed adjacent to another figure in their force.

    Game Play

    Game play proceeds as normal until only one force has figures left or time is called. The time limit for the battle is 15 minutes for each player involved in the battle. Therefore, a two player game will last 30 minutes, while a 3 player game will last 45 minutes. Players are not allowed to check the time during a game and must not intentionally stall for time. A player should never take more then one minute to perform an action.


    Once the game ends, the score of the game will be tallied up. Each player divides their force into three categories.
    Category 1) Unit cards which suffered no damage.
    Category 2) Unit cards which have suffered damage.
    Category 3) Unit cards which have been destroyed or unit cards which are no longer under the control of their original owner(Mind shackle, Defection, etc).

    A hero unit card is considered damaged if it has taken at least one wound, but it has not been eliminated. A hero unit card is considered destroyed if it has taken all of its wounds.

    A squad unit card is considered damaged if it has lost at least one figure, but still have at least one figure remaining in play. A squad unit card is considered destroyed if no figures remain in play.

    Unit cards it category one are worth no damage points. Unit cards in category two are worth their point value, in damage points, to the scoring player for that card. Unit cards in category three are worth their full value, in damage points, to the scoring player for that card.

    The scoring player for a given card is the player which inflicted the most damage to that card. For example:

    If player one inflicts three wounds on a hero and then player two inflicts two wounds on the card and destroys it, player 1 will still receive the points for the kill. For scoring purposes, a figure cannot receive more damage then its life value.

    The total score of a player is calculated according the following equation:
    Total Score = damage points earned/100. Round this number up on a .75 or greater.

    The player which scored the most damage points will also receive one bonus point. The player with the highest total score will win the game.



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