Capture the Flag for Heroscape

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The game is single flag capture the flag. Everyone knows the rules - Get the flag back to your base.

Each player brings a 500 point force to the table and a 1000 point force in reserve. The object is for a character to get the flag from the top of the castle and take it back to their edge of the board.

The only way in the castle is through the front door. No special movement abilities work in or adjacent to the Castle.

To get in the door, a character must find the key and take it to the door of the castle. Once the key is brought to the door, the door opens and all figures may pass into the castle.

Use the Glyph of Brandar to represent the key. Place six other glyphs across the board. All these tokens, including the key, are mixed up and placed face down across the board. At the end of the turn , if a figure is standing on a Glpyh and is not adjacent to an enemy figure, then reveal the Glyph. If the Glyph is the Glyph of Brandar, that figure is now the key carrier. Otherwise discard the Glyph. Once the key has been used to open the door, discard the key as it no longer has any effect on the game.

The only way up or down is to climb the ladders. A figure must get to the top floor of the castle and move adjacent to the flag. At this point they may take the flag and run.

If the flag/key carrier is killed, place the flag/key in the hex where the figure was killed. Any unit may move over that hex and pick up the key/flag.

On either end of the board there are two water hexes followed by two normal hexes. The first player to bring the flag to one of these normal hexes will win the game.

When a character card is removed from the game, the player who lost the card may select a card from their reserve pile to replace it. The figures on the new card start on the players side of the board at the start of the next turn.

In our battle I(Jason) played the Forces of Good and Ryan played the forces of Evil. Both us started out in scramble for the Glyphs and while my Airborne Elites drop gave me the early edge, his Samurai unit came up with the key.

From this point, Ryan attempted to secure the castle , but his forces suffered losses at the hands of mine, but eventually he boxed me in and his lone remaining Samurai made it into the castle.

My forces broke out of their box and held the castle door while his one Samurai hid inside, but due to constant pressure I could not get someone in to get the flag. I was forced back and with both of are forces reduced down to our last few troops, he made a run for his base with the flag.

Several agents chased down the Samurai and stole the flag. But Soulbergs engaged the agents and in the ensuing battle, each of our armies were reduced to one figure - My Viking Champion vs his Marrow Warrior. Only one square from freedom, my Viking Champion destroyed his Marrow Warrior and claimed victory!!!



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