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Hey folks, I thought I'd simply show off some of the things lying around in the studio. I have a lot of things around the place; the studio is where me and my fiance game, sometimes my friends do come over as well, and we let Warhammer 40,000 consume most of our time.

I have a huge love for the Fantasy Flight Games release, Mutant Chronicles. I love that universe so much more than Warhammer 40,000. I have the old Doomtrooper CCG, the old Warzone miniatures wargame and the old Mutant Chronicles RPG.

I totally buy tons of random things, like paints, miniatures, RPG books, video games, posters, miniatures rules books, comic books, action figures and I seriously have an addiction to miniature wargaming.

Now, my studio is not in my home; it is a 15 minute drive away from my home, actually, so for those who think I have all this lying around at home, guess again.

So, thanks for looking, and I thought I'd use this as a cool little intro to my studio and a few of the things I have lying around. Maybe one day, I'll show everything I have, ha ha!

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