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Terms of Service for the Army Showcase Effective 6/03/2008

Welcome to the Army Showcase. In order to use this site, you must agree to this Terms of Service Document. I am doing a rewrite of these Terms of Service because I want to make this thing easy to read and maybe even a bit enjoyable. The meaning of the TOS is not intended to be changed. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I am sick of reading long wordy TOS documents and EULAs that just drone on and on. Lets see If I can change that with this document.

Let me just define a few abbreviations. TOS is short for Terms of Service and refers to this document. AS is short for the Army Showcase and refers to the website I(Jason Rutherford) host and also can be used to stand for the services I provide. In addition I will refer to myself in the first person throughout the document. As the reader, you will be addressed in the third person.

There are many great community sites for miniature war gamers and I am a member of a number of them, so my goal of the AS is not to replace them but to provide the members of those sites with the resources to make their experiences better. The pages you can create with the AS are often more complex and more feature rich then a simple forum layout or photo upload section. And with the addition of named URLs and other tools designed for sharing, linking from the other community sites to the AS is quite simple.

I really only have one requirement to becoming a member of the AS be at least 15 years old. You will need to provide your age when you register.

So, what information do I keep about you and your visits?

1) When you create an account, you are asked to provide a name, e-mail address, password and age. I only have access to your name and age. Both your e-mail address and password are encrypted and not only will I not give those out, I am unable to give those out.
2) I may keep a record of the various pages on the AS that you visit. Also, I may need to record certain actions such as voting in polls. These may be linked to your username and IP address. I will not give or sell these to anyone except in response to legitimate legal requests. They are used to gather statistics about the site and for resolving issues that are encountered when using the site. I will not sell this information to advertisers.
3)All Information you submit to the AS will be probably be permanently saved. Backups of the site will be made for archival purposes and while deleted information will not be publicly available, it will probably still exist somewhere in my possession. Please note you do not give up any copyrights to your uploaded content, but you are giving the AS the right to use the content royalty free within the context of this site.(Essentially your content can be used in a commercial or non-commercial manner anywhere on the AS or on The Tabletop Battlefield Podcast. On occasion, screen shots of the site may be used for promotion reasons. These screen shots may include user submitted content and images. )
4) I use Google Analytics to assist in stat tracking. As a result, a cookie may be used to collect anonymous information about your visit.

On the topic of E-mails. The only email the AS will send out will be the responses to a reset password request. I do not send out unsolicited e-mails.

Rules of usage for the AS:

Everything on this site is intended for personal non-commercial use(Unless you have received prior consent from me) . But as I mentioned above, I only hold copyright for the material I submit. If you wish to obtain copyrights to any of the material on the site, please contact the owner of the page by using the built in messaging system. Do not violate copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of people by posting their content on this site without prior approval. If you feel your intellectual property has been infringed on, please contact me using the e-mail address on the home page of the AS and provide the link to the page containing the offending content. This also means you may not make unauthorized copies of content posted on the AS. If you believe that someone is making unauthorized copies of your content which has been posted on the AS, please contact me using the address posted on the front page.

There are some other things you just can't do here. Don't think you can get away with any form of harassment, intimidation, hate speech, or other things along those lines. Simply, don't be a jerk to anyone here. You may not always like what other people have to say and while I would normally encourage open debate on these topics, DON'T DO THAT HERE! Though, constructive criticism related to the posted material is encouraged. If you are the target of any kind of threats, let me know immediately.

One more topic on the issue of user posted content. I am not responsible for what others post or link to. If you find offensive content on this site, notify me at once.

In the event an issue arises that needs arbitration, I will have the final say in any decision. And along those lines I have the right to suspend any account for any reason I want to with no questions asked.

Currently all accounts on the AS are free to create and use. An account gives the user about 5MBs of storage for pictures and the ability to create 20 pages. In the future I will be adding the option for an upgrade to a premium account which will add features and storage space, but I will never take away features from the free accounts. In addition, targeted advertisements may be added to increase revenue.

At any time I may change this document to reflect changes in the policies of the AS. I may or may not give advance notification about changes. However, I will post the effective date at the top of this document.

If you have any questions or comments about these TOS, please contact me using the e-mail on the home page. Also, if you ever disagree to these TOS simply stop using this site and if you wish to have all your content you posted deleted from the site, please contact me as well.

-Jason Rutherford



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