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looted basilisk151
ork boyz40393
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HI IM HERE TO TELL YOU A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME AND MY ARMY AND TACTICS SO LETS START WITH PAINT SCHEME ITS A BASIC SNOT GREEN WITH GOBLIN GREEN HIGHLIGHT AND THEN A THRAKA GREEN Wash to the arm the Armour plates are just boltgun same as wepons which are sometimes give red for blood and scorched brown for pants and sometime i add a little rust to my wepons.
next tactics for my tactics i like have a army which has good firepower for distraction and lots a boyz so i can run in to kill em all this especially works for when you play objective games like where you have your units capture them. next i have my unit my boyz are simple just sluggas and chopas x20 and x20 for shootas with some heavywepons or what eva you call them 2 missile launchers and 1 big shoota next looted basilisk one of my favorite unit it looks cool and all just have not found a good way to use it in battle yet deffkoptas i use for killing my friends dreadnaught lol anyway warboss is with nobs practically my fave
and lootas for a lot of fire power lol love em, so thats it hope i inspired you or at least gave you an idea of how fun it is to have an ork army they may look weak but they da best lol you like what you like but i you decide to choose an ork army id liked to wish you good luck that you waaagh is successful and if you have any questions about any thing having to do with 40k or about hobby just email me at yellowguy@shaw.ca.
for gork an mork




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