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Assassins for WARMACHINE is a miniature rules adaption of game that is played across entire college campuses. The idea of the game is to locate and "eliminate" your target while trying not to be "killed" by the person hunting you. Large scale games have been known to last several weeks and the weapons of choice can be anything from sticky notes to air-soft firearms.[It depends on the rules of the game]

Game Setup

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Force Composition: Small single Warcaster armies with point totals of 750 points or less.

Number of Players: Anywhere from 4 to 10.

Objective: Score the most victory points. While a bonus is given for being the last Warcaster standing, being the last Warcaster standing does not guarantee victory.

Target Selection: Each player needs to write their name down a card. Shuffle the cards and place them face up in a column. See the image off to the right. The card at the bottom of the column is considered to be on top of the card of the top for purposes of target selection.

Target Selection: Each player is attempting to destroy the Battleforce of the person's whose name is below theirs in the column. That Battleforce is your target battleforce. For purposes of defining “enemy” units, figures in your target Battleforce are considered to be enemy as are the figures in the Battleforce targeting your force. All other Battleforces are considered to be neutral forces. Keep in mind that these statuses will change throughout the game as players are eliminated.

Scoring Points

When a figure is eliminated, points are awarded to the player who eliminated a figure. Victory points for units are awarded to the player who destroyed the last figure in the unit. However, a player may only earn victory points for eliminating figures in their target army. If player eliminates an enemy figure which is not in their target battleforce, then no one is awarded any points. If a player eliminates a neutral figure, then they lose a number of victory points equal to the value of the figure destroyed.

The game will end once only one Warcaster remains alive. At this time, the surviving player earns a number of victory points equal to the value of the figures still alive in their Battleforce.

Eliminating a Warcaster

When a warcaster is eliminated, a few things will happen. First, All the figures remaining in the defeated warcaster's army are considered to be eliminated. Victory points for these figures are awarded to player who was targeting the defeated Warcaster. The defeated Warcaster's card is removed from the column of name cards. The player who was targeting the defeated Warcaster now inherits the target of the defeated Warcaster. Adjust the definition of enemy forces accordingly.

Continue the game until only one Warcaster remains alive.

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