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Have you ever been in a Warhammer 40K game where it seems that your opponent is moving further then the standard 6"? To be fair, they might not be cheating. With standard measuring tapes, it can be quite difficult to move figures exactly 6". This becomes even more critical when that extra 1/2" means the enemy is now in assault range. This is why I created an easy to use 6" measuring stick.

Using the Measuring Stick

The stick is designed to be held at a variety of angles. This allows you to accurately measure the distances of figures inside squads as well as large figures. The prongs of the measuring stick are 4" long so it is quite possible to measure distances of battlesuits and vehicles.

Simply place the one prong against the front of the figure's base and then move the figure to the front of the second prong. Check out the images below:

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Building the Measuring the Stick

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Building the measuring stick is really simple.

1st step - Print out the template to the right. It should be 7.5" tall by 5" wide.

2nd Step - Tape the template down to some clear plastic packaging. Cut out the template.

3rd Step - "Stain" or paint the template just so that you won't lose the template on the battlefield.

4th Step - This step is optional, but I recommend sticking some Army Showcase stickers on the template...

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