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Tabletop Battlefield Christmas 2016 - Fiiiiiivvvvveee Captain Americas

Dec 19 2016

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It is Christmas time again, so that means it is time for another episode of the Tabletop Battlefield. This year, Ryan and I talk about our various projects, I build a new battlefield using Cosplay techniques and I talk about the various Warlord games I have been playing.

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The TableTop BattleField is the Official Podcast of the Army Showcase and can be found at We cover topics about miniature war games. These topics include reviews, tactics, modeling, custom scenarios and more. Some of the games we cover are Warhammer Fantasy/40K, Lord of the Rings, Mechwarrior, Starcraft, Heroscape, Warmachine, Babylon 5, Arcane Legions, World of Warcraft, Monsterpocalypse, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, and Battletech.

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I've put together a mini-documentary about the show. Take a look at where we have been over the past two years. The theme music "Down with Everything" is by the Transfer and used under a creative commons license.(Length 3 mins 48 secs)

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