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Season 02 Episode 09 - Get Some Old and Dirty Clothes On...Its Time to Build!

May 01 2008

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Get Some Old and Dirty Clothes On...Its Time to Build!

Have you ever wanted to build an awesome battlefield for yourself?
This episode is intended to be an ultimate introductory guide to building terrain for a grassland themed battlefield. I show you how to build Fields, Forest, Hills, and other random items. Here is how the show breaks down if you are interested:
00:00 - Intro and a Few Notes
~01:45 - The Battle Field
~13:55 - Random Items such as bushes and Rocks
~20:20 - Forests and Trees
~29:25 - Hills
~39:40 - Putting It all Together and Conclusion

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The intro music "Down with Everything" by The Transfer comes from www.podsafeaudio.com
"Schrodinger's Cat Paradox" by cjacks comes from www.podsafeaudio.com

Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford

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