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Season 01 Episode 04 - Custom Mechwarrior Scenarios

Feb 08 2007

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Episode 4 - Custom MechWarrior Scenarios

In this episode, Jason and Kyle discuss a hill capture scenario they have played before. In addition, we create the rules for a new scenario as a demonstration of what is involved for creating a scenario.

Links for the Scenario Rules
The Canyon Scenario

In the mean time, here are the quick rules for the Hill Scenario:
Attacker has 900 Points and the Defender has 600 Points.
The Board size is 48" by 48". The Defender's deployment zone is about 2 Square feet of Elevated Terrain. The Attacker has a standard deployment zone on the opposite side of the board.
The objective for the attacker is to take the hill. When time expires count VC2 points for the units in the Defender's deployment zone(The Elevated Terrain) The player with the most points wins the scenario.
Time Limit: The Attacker has 20 minutes to complete their objective. The Defender has no time limit.

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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford and Kyle Menzies

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