Review of the Citadel Scenery Painting Kit by Games Workshop

Late last year, Games Workshop released a series of expensive game boards called Realm of Battle Boards. Along with these boards, they also released an expensive scenery kit to help players make these boards look cool. This kit will make your battlefields look really good, but it can be frustrating to get to that point.

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Currently, this pack retails for a little over forty dollars and it contains large quantities of other citadel products. Inside, you will find two different paints. A large bottle contains brown paint and a much smaller one contains ochre paint. The brown paint is used for the primary dirt color while the ochre is dry brushed onto rocks. A 4oz tube of GW PVA Glue will be used to secure the flocking to the table. As for the flocking, this kit contains two different types. One is the dark green colored scorched grass and the other is a lighter green color simply referred to as grass. While scorched grass comes in a huge 400 gram bag, this kit only includes 25 grams of the lightly colored grass to create a few highlighted areas. The last item in this kit is a two inch brush used to apply the paint and glue. Officially, this pack should cover a little bit more then a four foot by six foot battlefield, but with a little conservation, it can go further. I am currently at four feet by eight feet and still have plenty more to spare.

First off, this pack works for grass fields and only grass fields. It has no sand, rocks, dirt, trees, plants or water effects. Since the cost of this kit is so high, I find this lack of variety of really frustrating especially since Games Workshop makes some of products listed above. I could go on about the lack of various components, but lets just classify this one as a big negative. Check out the episodes of The Tabletop Battlefield where I use the product to see some ideas on integrating this product with other items.

For the most part, following the instructions included in the kit went pretty smooth. Just be sure to allow the paint to dry between each step. One annoying problem did come up though. It seemed that the flocking was so tightly packed in its plastic bags that it came out in large clumps. Instead of smoothly covering the battlefield, I found the the flocking looked more like large bails of hay. With some work, it was possible to break up these clumps and get a smooth covering, but this problem is simply unacceptable for such an expensive product. I have never seen this problem in all my days of model railroad building.

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With my battlefield done, I must say I like how it looks. This product produces a good results. Just as a note, the picture shown on the front of the package is not accurate at all. Your battlefield will look a lot darker. The real question comes down to just how much are you willing to pay for good looks. For gamers on a budget, go else where. I could easily put together a more diverse set of third party products for less, but if you just dropped $600 on a Realm of Battle Board, what's another $40?

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