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Tau Empire 3000 Point Apocalypse Army

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Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
BoradSide Team3310
ADV Stab Sys. HW Drone Controller with 2 Shield Drones
Broadside Team3310
Adv Stab Sys. HW Drone Controller with 2 Shield Drones
Command Hammerheads2350
Hammerheads with Railguns and Smart Missle Systems. Also carry Multi-trackers, Fletchlette Dischargers, Decoy Launchers and Sensor Spines. Plus the cost of the Command Squad bonus is factored in
Command Sky Ray1175
Sky Ray with SMS, Fletchlette Discharger, Decoy Launcher, and Sensor Spines
Crisis Battle Suits - Anti Infantry3180
Burst Cannons, Missile Pods, Multitrackers(Commander is HW), Commander carries a plasma rifle
Crisis Battle Suits - Marine Killers3316
Plasma Rifles(Leader is TL), Missle Pods, Multi-Trackers(Leader is HW), Bonded
Crisis Team - Armor Killers3178
Missle Pods, Fusion Blasters(Leader is TL), Multi-Trackers(Leader is HW), Bonded
Fire Warriors - 4 Squads48640
4 Squads with Pulse Rifles, 2 Gun Drones Each and the Squad Leader Carries a Marker Light and us bonded.
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This is a picture of most of the 3000 point army just before it goes into battle for the first time.

Check out my Tau Forest Tigers and The Battle in Which We Fought

In terms of my style of game play, I play a mix of offensive and defensive styles. My Tau Firewarriors primarily take a defensive role and their weapon choice reflects that. For most of the game, the Firewarriors will stand still and only move to seek cover or to shift their base of fire if necessary. To boost their defensive posture, all Firewarrior squads are bonded.

Most of the movement is done by my pair of Hammerheads. The two Hammerheads combined with Sky Ray make up Tau Command Tank division, so one of the Hammerheads carries the commanders Marker Light Array. Be careful when exposing the command tank to enemy fire. Make sure that you can take full advantage of all the free Marker Light Shots. Chances our, the enemy will respond by targeting all their heavy weapons at the command tank.

I took three full teams of Crisis Suits. Each team being maxed out to a full three suits with one being the Shasv're leader. As with the Firewarriors, I take pride in the ability to fight to the last man, so every squad is bonded. For weapon choices, One team carries the burst cannons to take on infantry and light vehicles. The second team is designed to go after the larger targets with each carrying fusion blasters and missile pods. And to deal with those pesky marines, the last squad charges in with full plasma rifles and missile pods. You will notice that I am a fan of the missile pods. This is because they can be a threat to all but the heaviest of targets.

The Stealth Team will lead the way for the Crisis suits. Because the combination of the Crisis and Stealth Suits forms the rapid insertion force. So as a result all of the Crisis suits will start in reserve and will drop in around the Stealth Suits. As for using the stealth suits, they main job is guide down the Crisis suits. After that, they can free lance around the board supporting others as necessary.

The Piranha's are another Free Lancer team. Temptation may cause you to draw them away from the main bulk of the force, but careful maneuvering can have them surround a close enemy squad. Once the enemy has been encircled, force a retreat on the enemy squad and the enemy will be destroyed.

The choice of the how to use the Commander is up to you. With lots of shields and experimental weapons, it may be best to send him against some more powerful infantry units, but he can provide support for a variety of situations.

Last are the Broadside Teams. They do one thing - provide lots of rail guns. Its kind of ironic that they are not the least mobile of the army as everyone of them is equipped with the Advanced Stabilization System. Move them to where the heavy enemy units are and literally destroy anything you come across. Both squads are equipped with Shield Drones to keep them alive longer. Also, since Each squad has a team leader and is bonded, they will also fight to the last man.

I hope that helps in getting you started in fighting for The Greater Good in Apocalyptic Battles.



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