Building Proxy Figures for WARMACHINE

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Anyone who plays miniature games will agree that most figures are expensive. This can cause a dilemma for many players because they don't want to purchase a figure which they may end up hating.

This is where proxy figures come in. Proxy figures are something that stands in for a real figure. This way, a player can get a feel for a figure and be able to make a more informed purchasing decision. This page demonstrates how to make simple proxy figures for the game WARMACHINE.

Produce Bases of the Correct Size

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The first step in this process is to be able to create bases of the correct size. WARMACHINE uses three different base sizes: 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. There are plenty of ways to actually complete this step. I chose the method of scanning in the bases of actual figures. Here I am scanning in a small base figure(30mm) and a large base figure(50mm)

Aquire Artwork to Use for the Proxies

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Now you need some artwork which accurately represents the figure. Once again, there are many sources for cool artwork. I chose the method of breaking the binding on my rulebook to scan in the artwork of the characters being used.

Scale the Images and Bases

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Using a graphic/photo editor.(I recommend The GIMP) Scale the artwork of figures down to their correct size. Human size figures should be around 35mm tall while Heavy Warjacks should come in at around 60-70mm. Light Warjacks measure up at 45 - 50mm.

Glue Down the Proxies

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Print out and cut out the Proxy figures. Glue the figures down to thin cardboard or posterboard. I recommend using the packaging from food. Also, you might want to glue the figures down to the graphic side of the food packaging unless you want to sport the "sponsored" look...

Also, leave a 3/16" tab of material attached to the feet of the figure. This will be used to glue the figure to the base.

Glue the bases down to foam-core board. Typical foam-core-board pieces are about the thickness of WARMACHINE bases.

For gluing, I recommend using spray adhesive because this gives the most even coat of glue. See Tabletop Battlefield Season 2 Episode 15 for more information on building cardboard tokens.

Glue the Proxy Figures to the Bases

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After the glue has dried, cut out both the Proxy figures and their bases. Using a hobby knife, cut a slit into each of the bases. Insert the tabs attached to the feet of the figures into the slits. Once the tabs fit, remove the figure, insert some glue into the slit and re-insert the figure. Once this glue has dried the figures are ready to go.


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Sure the proxies don't look any where as cool as the real figures, but they will help you decide if you want to actually purchase the figures.



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