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Fun with Gray Putty!!!!
Dec 17 2007 [Link]

As a result of several factors(One being that I am new to this fiberglass) is that the fiberglass came out a bit bumpy. So the idea is that I covered the surface in this Gray Bondo Putty(See the last 3 pics) and that should smooth things out after some sanding. So I should find out this weekend just how well that idea works.

Final Batch of Unfinished Body Pictures
Nov 05 2007 [Link]

For the last set of body pictures - You have:

A shot of the bottom half with the beginnings of supports to attach the top half to. In addition to the four wooden blocks, pieces of wood were run across to hold the blocks up against the fiber glass hull.

The 2nd to last picture shows how the top half of the object had to be taped back together because I needed to cut it in half in order to remove it from the mold.

And then we come to the last picture of the unfinished body. I think by this time you can tell what I am building. I may not have the shape exactly right, but there are not many large egg shaped objects in the war game world.

The Top Half is Done
Oct 27 2007 [Link]

Check out the latest pic. Just click the back button on the photo gallery. The top half of the object has been fiberglassed. If I have the time tomorrow, I am hoping to get the two halves together.

Fiberglass is that kind of thing that needs some practice. The top half had a lot fewer bumps then the bottom half did. Check back shortly for some more pictures.

Fun With Fiberglass
Oct 22 2007 [Link]

I had some time over the weekend to start working with the Fiberglass. I have tacked two more pictures into the queue. Just use the back button to venture back to see them.

If you have never worked with fiberglass, then I have to tell you that this stuff is messy(not to mention quite toxic...). Also, it is more difficult to do then it may appear at first. The 2nd picture of the set shows how the final product turned out a bit rough.....It is supposed to be quite smooth. Oh well, It looks alright for my first shot at this. Besides I can always make another one.

I should be able to finish the second half next weekend, so check back then for more pictures.

Its been a long time
Oct 20 2007 [Link]

Its been a long time since I worked on this project, but it is time to get back into the swing of things. I purchased the fiber glass which will be used to build the hull of the object. Check out the last three pictures in line and you will see some of the components used in construction. I did not have time to actually apply the fiberglass.

Well, I started to apply it, but after opening the can of resin, the smell of the resin spread quickly. Since I live in a complex with many other people I decided that I'll wait until I head back home to my parent's house before applying the resin.

Look for more updates next week....

Lets Give it Some Weapons
Jun 11 2007 [Link]

Three more pictures are up - #12 through #14. These pictures show the early stages of weapon construction. The weapons are built from rather simple parts. I start with some Table Tennis balls, then cut them in half with my hobby knife. Each one of these half balls will become a standard weapons turret. In the last pictures, gun barrels of various lengths are attached to the turrets to represent different weapon systems. And yes, those gun barrels are made of straws.

If I have some time this weekend, I'll build some really large weapons.

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These are some teaser pictures for something I am working on for an upcoming episode of the Tabletop Battlefield. Take a look and see if you can figure out what it is. Be sure to leave a guess on the right.



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